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Getting started

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 12-20-2010 · 2,791 views

This blog will attempt to explain our family project of building a spec miata. We chose to start with a lemons Miata and build it as a family project. My daughter Jahna (17) my son Joey (16) are the primary builders with Dad(me looking over their shoulder and helping with decisions to do things once rather than twice.

Step 1 was getting the cage put in. We chose AWR www.awrracing.com to handle this for us. I have known Tony for 20 years and they are local to us. the shop is 15 miles away.

Our first target is getting the kids some track time before we unleash them on the Lemons competitors. We went to Chuckwalla, on the way to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. We also ran the NASA HPDE events in Phoenix on thanksgiving weekend.

In talking to the LEMONS people, I was concerned about them not liking MIATA's as was rumored, so I asked them straight up about entering a Miata. Their comment was as long as it weas not s spec miata, in other words it has stock suspension you will be fine.

They were true to their statement and we received 0 penalty laps in tech.

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Lee Tilton
12-20-2010 06:30 PM
I look forward to reading your blog. But, lemon shlemon. Put those kids in an SM and let them have some real fun! :P
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Good luck in your lemons. Look forward to your journey, keep us posted.

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Tom Hampton
12-20-2010 08:31 PM
What a fun family project! My dad and I built my first car way-back-when. It wasn't a race car, but it sure created a lot of good memories. Enjoy the time with your kids! They will remember it forever.
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