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One provisional license down 1 to go!

Posted by Joe (dad) Jordan , 02-18-2011 · 1,024 views

We had every intention of running our newly built Spec Miata at the NASA 2011 season opener in Infineon Raceway Feb 12-13 with the intention of getting one of my kids( Joey) Age 17 signed off from HPDE 4 and get his provisional license.

However, work and life got in the way, however and I couldn't get the car done in time. Up stepped Uncle Jim who provided a B-Spec Mazda 2 for Joey to share with him and too allow other Nasa drivers to get seat time in the B-Spec Mazda 2.Attached Image

Jim raced the car in PTF and Joey ran HPDE 4. The car ran almost every session with different NASA drivers giving "the Beast" a test drive.

Joey drove extremely well handling traffic and learning the difficult Sears Point circuit. Joey spent 2 weeks before the event practicing in the iracing MX5 driving Sears Point, so he did not go in blind, but he had never driven a real car around the circuit until his first session.. By the end of Day 2, Joey was quick and safe. He handled traffic well and even with his instructor trying to unnerve him with his BMW Joey drove smart and smooth. Attached Image

I really believe the lemons experience with 162 cars sharing the course has helped him deal with traffic and improved his overall awareness tremendously.

The highlight of the weekend was watching a Ferrari having to work hard to get by him from turn 2 and finally getting by between 4 and the carousel where Joey had to hit the brakes to not rear end the Ferrari on exit. :lol:

I was very proud of the maturity he showed. He did not drop a single wheel off the track and handled himself well. His speed is getting their. He is way ahead of where I thought he would be.

He is now entered for his first race March. He will run at the NASA Cal Speedway event.

March 25th will see his big sister (she is 18) going through SCCA drivers school at Buttonwillow and then we will get them both through their provisional licenses looking towards the Teen Mazda Challenge this summer.

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