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Suspension Install- Front control arms- offset bushings

Posted by FTodaro , 11-28-2015 · 2,958 views

Installing the front upper offset bushings, normally requires you to replace the boot around the upper ball-joint as you ruin it in the removal process. I first press in the new bushings. I use the white line bushings and have had good luck with them.

After installing the bushing, I next tack weld the top of the upper ball-joint to the control arm. If you drive at a track with heavy gators, you can pop the ball-joint right out of the control arm, so a tack weld on two sides should do it.

Attached Image

Next I replace the rubber boot. Drive off the old boot with a chisel, then to drive the new boot on use a 1 1/4 socket, It works perfectly.

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I also run a die over the threads one time to make install a little easier.

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Lastly, install two pop rivets, in the base of the control arm to hold the offset bushings in place. I am not sure if they could move, but we want to make sure they hold their position.

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That control arm is ready for action.

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