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Wiring is work

Posted by FTodaro , 11-09-2015 · 3,183 views

I just about have the main Harness out of the car. Sadly the crush damage from the wreck has created a pinch point, so I cannot get the last plug of the harness out. I will have to cut this bar in the cage. I have sold the cage but this should not be deal breaker.
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The main harness is almost out. this is the first time i have attempted a harness.
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There is this main harness, (this is the one in the picture above, it supplies the headlights, goes to the trunk area to supply lighting) then there is a second harness with the fuse box on it that goes along the power plant frame, a third Harness (this goes off the main harness to supply the engine goes from the ECU to the sensors on the motor) and then a Forth harness that supplies the trunk and the fuel pump. Its been a task, just pulling these out. I will show the process of installing them. Before i do, i will inspect carefully and re tape the harnesses.


Moving the harnesses to the new car. The harnesses for the most part are plug and play. there are lots of plugs the ones that are not in use I put some tape over them so i do not keep hunting for a plug. the harnesses are designed so that they only can plug into one plug so its a matter of hunting them down.
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